When I started writing, I never thought that my website would need to have a page set aside for my books, but here we are. I am a Kindle-first author, and that implies a couple of things. I primarily write novellas and short books for the busy, modern reader who otherwise doesn't have much time to read a book. Pick up any of my books with the confidence that you can finish reading in only a couple of hours. 


I also don't write in a specific genre but if I had to set your expectations - I write urban fiction novellas featuring difficult relationships. 

Scroll down and explore.​


After years of arguments on the matter, the Bera family has finally decided to bring home a dog.

Ajay has wanted a dog since he was a child. He has fantasized about every version of his future life around them. His brother, Arun, would love to get a dog as much but doesn't mind not having to clean up after one. Ajit, their father, also wants to get a dog. He just wants to feel the love of a dog again, like he used to when he was a child. Barnali, Ajit's wife, loathes the idea of having a dog in the house. She spent her childhood praying for only one thing, that she shouldn't get married into a family that has dogs. And until now, she got her wish.  


But now, Ajay has finally worn out his mother's resilience and the Beras are bringing home a dog. Can this be just the homecoming that the dog or the family had anticipated? Read the book to find out.

Available in Kindle e-book and paperback format.
The Whole Story
The Whole Story Cover.jpg

A psychopath... An infidel... A child abuser... A murderer... A lover... An insomniac... A disturbed man... A victim of his own mind.

Each one of these phrases can aptly describe Anurag Sanyal. This is Anurag's story.

He has confessed it all to his diary. He has described every crime in vivid, nauseating detail. And each account is more surreal, more messed up than the last. There is only one problem - everything he narrates is based on lies. And thus, we begin the eternal search for truth.

Available in Kindle e-book and paperback format.

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